Union Patches - Unionpatches.com is a SCAM that exists from hacking

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Dear Online Community,

I am the CEO of Butler Sourcing which owns Butler Patches (www.butlerpatches.com). Some of our customers have recently been receiving emails soliciting the same services that we offer (embroidered patches), because they have accessed our customer list.

However, you should not be concerned about your customer information as they have only been able to access customer's names and email addresses. We don't save customer credit card information on our server, so that has not been sacrificed.

If someone from unionpatches.com contacts you, just know that they are a rogue company located in China that makes a living off of hacking customer information from various patch embroidery companies, that are based in the US and legitimately pay for their customer lists.

I warn anyone against doing business with this completely unscrupulous company.


Joseph Heller

CEO: Butler Sourcing

PS - Unionpatches.com we have notified the Hong Kong Police and China Police about what you have done. There are other companies that have also been hacked and have also reported you. You should know that Americans want to do business with honest companies, so I truly doubt anyone is doing business with you anyway.

Review about: Embroidered Patches.



Union Patches is a Chinese owned company that illegally stole our customer's email addresses and has been contacting our customers illegally.Typical tactic of a group of criminals.

Our company spends the money on advertising and they steal data and contact our customers.Just consider how you found out about Union Patches.

Because they are criminals, out of spite our company will beat any price they provide you by 15%, even if that means we are taking the order at a loss.


I think this is bad business by butler to slander there competition.i am customer of both and find the service to be better at union but the options to be better at butler.

for the skeptics at butler. here is my latest job that is have issue after issue and has been with butler for over a month with no resolve and refusal to get a manager involved. So the truth Butler sucks at customer service.

here is one of my over 20 jobs I have done at butler.(P28572)


The service and patches received from Union patches was quite good and it worked very well, i even got them customized very soon, great service i can say..


This is really not the case for me, the services offered by Butler Patches has always been remarkable for me. I truly liked the service, the quality and timely delivery of orders...


I don't believe you are a customer. If you were a customer you would state your real name or at least order number so we could verify the legitimacy of your claim. If you had a legitimate claim we would be happy to address it. You are obviously posting anonymously because it is not your intention to do anything but slander our company's name.

Your choice to post anonymously is rather convenient, and again points to the fact that you are a competitor.

Please state your name, customer number, order number, when you ordered, the problem with your order and what you are seeking for compensation. Any reasonable person with a complaint would be happy to have the opportunity to first verify their legitimacy and second have their problem addressed. You say that your order number is not relevant, but of course it is relevant.

If any customer has any questions about our company please email me directly at joseph@butlersourcing.com, and I will personally see that your order is well taken care of and that you receive a 25% discount off of your order.

If anyone is intimidated by this noise on the Internet, I suggest you also consider how easily this can happen to you. Anyone with a gripe can anonymously post on the Internet and seek to destroy your reputation.




I am neither a competitor nor an ex-employee. I am a past customer. My name and order number is not relevant in this case. I want other clients (aka customers) to be aware of the service (or lack of service) provided.

You messed with the wrong organization and I want others to be aware how bad you really treat your customers. THERE IS NO WAY THAT YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS WITHOUT A HITCH. Your lack of ethics is truly amazing. and it has nothing to do with production issues during some stated time frame! Joseph, you deserved this and you brought it on yourself.

To all potential customers, please consider all comments


You accused us of being a foreign operation but you have admitted that you are from Hong Kong. You also spoke too much, because based on the way you wrote, I know who you are. I have emails from you when you used to work for our company, where you used bizarre language like you did in the most recent post. You are American of Hong Kong descent, and you used to work for our company. I'm sure you will make more mistakes, so that we can actually build a case against you.

It is well known that Union is a Chinese owned company that has hacked into the websites of numerous US patch suppliers and have contacted their customers.

Now the only question that I have, is, is this ex - employee related to Union or is this ex - employee just bored and pretending to be customers.

I have said this before, but the scary thing about the Internet is that people with a vendetta or competitors can anonymously post online.



Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #225393

yea.us azians from hong kung kant speell.

iz butler patches reely a americun kompani?or cheep labour out uf pilipines >


Based on your spelling and obviously poor grammar you are clearly not American. "seems as it butler" (it is "if" not "it") "by an disgruntled" (its "a" not "an") " any other oversea " (add your s its plural). My guess is a competitor paid you to write bad things about our company, and you are actually based overseas (with an s).


To All:

reading these posts,it seems as it butler is having some issues, within itself and with competitors. kind of funny and entertaining.(see all the other posts). unionpatches.com was probably formed by an disgruntled ex-employee of butler.

I would be leery of butler and any other oversea patch manufacturers who all seem to be located in asia. Let the best one win.

Robert and Lasalle, I don't think you have anything to worry about.


Robert and Lance La Salle,

It is also clear to me that you are competitors. You clearly did not read what I wrote. I wrote that email information was stolen by this company and this company then tried to contact our customers. However, we are 100% sure that no credit card information was taken, because credit card information is immediately given passed to our credit card merchant and never stored on our server.

Robert and Mr. La Salle both of you have never placed orders with our company. Robert, please give me your last name so I can confirm 100% that you are a liar and a competitor.

How does our company benefit from sending information as another company? Your arguement is seriously odd.

Robert and LaSalle, please note that our company has now retained a private investigator to find out which competitor you are working for. The truth will come out soon.

Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #223247

seems fishy to me too.whats going on here?

Butler has facilities in overseas (china, HK, taiwain, philipines?) and union has factilies in shenzen and overseas.

The websites look very similar.and unionpatches was union digitizing.


I placed an order with Butler Patches about a week ago.I don't know how legit Union Patches (or Butler for that matter) are, but it surprized me that I would get an unsolicited sales email from Union when they would not know me from Adam.

To my knowledge the only way they could have contacted me is from some how getting my information from Butler.Hmmmmm?

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